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Taking the “rut” out of “routine”

May 25, 2012

I have been flipping my biology 12 class this semester and have found the video notes and added time in class to be so valuable.  With that said, the initial appeal of anything new can sometimes wear off after a while.  With only a few weeks to go I could tell the students were needing something “new” and exciting to wet their appetite so i decided to bring back the QR codes.

I’ve used QR codes before to link students to websites and videos but I wanted to try out a new idea I was toying with.

Enter the QR Code Scavenger Hunt…

We are just finishing off the circulation unit and I used this activity to review what they’ve done and to introduce the last fetal circulation part.

First, the students answered a bunch of review questions.  A letter in each answer revealed the location to a QR code (library, gym, drama room and two administrators offices).  The librarian actually hid the QR code on one of the books and gave them other clues to find it.

Side bar- this led to a great idea by the librarian to attach QR codes to books so students could scan them and it would take them to authors websites or sites of books of the same genre…great idea!!

Here is the hand-out I gave them to find the locations- 0_QR Code Scavenger Hunt

When they found the bar code, they scanned it with their electronic devices (I made sure to have at least one person per group with a device).  The bar code took them to a clip that I recorded and uploaded to YouTube.  Each clip was about 1 minute long and they wrote what they saw/ heard on their usual note template.

Here is a sample of one of the QR codes they found…scan it if you have a device

Once they had all of the video notes written down (5 total) they raced back to my room for their prize.

I was very pleased with how this activity went.  The students reviewed previous info and gathered the new content.  We will be going over the new content tomorrow in class.

This lesson could have been done the “traditional” flipped way but I wanted to mix things up.  Today I saw students ridiculously excited.  They were energetically discussing concepts from the review and racing from place to place with the hope that they could be the first ones to get back to me.

Other students, not in my class, were baffled by what was going on and I had a number of them come into my room to find out what was happening.

The goal of the lesson was to check understanding of the previous concepts, acquire new content, and most importantly, to inject some fun into the lull that can sometimes arise during this time of year

Mission accomplished!

***Speaking of “mission accomplished”…that will be the theme of the next QR code activity…”Mission Impossible”! I want to create some more interesting videos with a theme!



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  1. June 13, 2012 1:05 am

    Hey Scott
    It is so great to read your blog. I have gone to it several times now and find it so interesting. I love reading about the engaging activities that you are providing the kids. And what is really great is how you are constantly asking the kids for feedback. That is something so few of us do regularly. They are, after all, the ones we should be the most concerned about!
    Thanks for blogging about what you are trying and what you are learning.
    Judith King

    • June 13, 2012 2:33 am

      Hi Judith,
      Thanks so much for the feedback! The new flip model, for my bio 12 class, has opened up so much more time to try those engaging activities. I’m looking forward to flipping my chemistry 11 class next year so I can do the same (more labs and activities to develop deeper understanding of the concepts).

      The student feedback has been such a huge part of my reflective process and they lend so much insight on how to improve.

      Thanks again and I’m looking forward to talking more with you!


  2. lisa permalink
    October 15, 2013 9:18 pm

    I am a high school health teacher – and love your ideas with play dough. I am planning to use it when I teach reproduction.

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