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Week 1: Flipped Class

March 17, 2012

Week 1…complete!

Before I get into my feedback I will share the feedback of my students.  I gave a survey to my biology 12 group who I started the flip class with last Friday.  The timing for the survey wasn’t the greatest since today was the last class before Spring Break and a lot of students were already off on their holiday.  I still wanted to get some feedback to help me reflect over my 2 weeks off so the 16 students responded and the other 10 who were absent due to hockey playoffs and school/ family trips will fill it in when they get back.

15/16 students watched all 3 videos

15/ 16 felt the length was manageable

12/16 felt the activities they were doing in class helped to develop their understanding of the concepts

10/ 16 found the student-led discussions at the beginning of class helpful

14/16 were confident/ extremely confident with their understanding of the concepts after the videos and activities

15/ 16 would like to continue with the flip class

I asked for feedback on the feedback and here are ALL the comments:

  • I would like to continue the video activity with some organized notes. And i also want to do some practice questions in class time
  • The videos are a great idea, they are very helpful and not boring. No negatives about the videos, but it would be great if you could give us additional printed out notes to give us more info on the content. The jokes are pretty great as well 😀
  • put more visuals/diagrams in the videos, make sure the writing is easy to read against the background.
  • Nothing. Perfection was achieved.
  • I find the videos very helpful considering we have time in class, although to be used to its full potential i think we should have a big assignment to test ourselves. The video information will not be all memorized until I have an assignment. 😀
  • If you could talk a bit slower during the video. Especially when you are discussing something important that needs to be written down. P.S. I like the videos!
  • Many times I have asked for help and never received it, even after you noticed my hand up. I am trying my hardest yet still need the help. Please pay more to the students needs during class.
  • Can u please not abbreviate ur notes so much. As much information the better, in full sentence
  • Notes that we can look at while watching the video.
  • I would like to see the videos as supplementary notes. Something to recap the lesson if you want to review something or if you are away that day they can be useful to catch up. But I do not like them as the core lesson. I find it useful to write it out and have commentary and active discussion.
  • have notes that we can print off and then we can highlight stuff as we watch the vid
  • grow back the stache
  • Continue the questions in groups at the begining of class.
  • It’s hard for me to know weather this helped be because in bio. my marks and understanding change with each unit. Check back next unit
  • I like how I can stop and do my own summary of the video notes at my own pace but I’d like even more if had more open discussions at the beginning of class discussing what is going on so I have an even better understanding and it helps when you just clarify the main points and I can write them down as well as already having my own notes
  • More recap notes please

My thoughts:

What went well

  • The videos were easy to create/ upload and the students said they had no problem accessing them
  • The students are watching the videos
  • The students had more time to work on questions, activities, and labs in class.  This was great!  I really feel that the extra time helped them understand the concepts better.

What did not go well

  • Even though there was more time to work with students in class, obviously I did not spend enough time with certain students.  Unfortunately one student likes to waste class time and then expects my help immediately when he realizes time is running out.  I need to do a better job of keeping him on task or find a way to get him engaged in the activities
  • The discussion questions, even though some students found them beneficial, need to be reassessed.  I have been giving them some direction but I am trying not to spoon feed what they should talk about.  What I will do is circulate quicker to drop some directing questions
  • During one of the videos, I used a red pen on blue background.  It looked fine on the computer but some students watched it on their phone and the text was not legible on the small screen
  • The first 3 days, with creating a video each night, was pretty busy.  With teaching 3 other different subjects I hope I’m not spreading myself too thin.  I have 2 weeks off now for Spring Break so I will get a head in terms of videos

Where to go from here

  • I will continue tweaking the format of the videos to make them more interesting.  I will include more diagrams/ animations to help those visual learners
  • I’m not sure what to do about the video/ notes concern.  I thought the note template offered enough structure and the content from the video was enough.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  What has worked for you?

Overall, i am pretty happy with week one and excited to start week 2.




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